Show Up and Blow Up: The Dixie States

I am so enamored with Alaska that I have trouble appreciating other landscapes. But the Dixie creeks in the Southeast US just blew my mind.

Based out of Timmy Johnson’s dad’s cabin in northern Georgia we ran six rivers (January, 2012):

  • Tellico, Tennessee
  • Chatooga, South Carolina/Georgia
  • Little River Canyon, Alabama
  • Green, North Carolina
  • Cullasaja, North Carolina
  • Horsepasture, North Carolina

My Alpacka Packraft weights 8 lbs fully rigged, folds to the size of a sleeping bag, and kicks ass. I used a Hyperlite Mountain Gear pack for our one true ‘packraft’ river (Horsepasture) and wore the empty pack under my drysuit. A huge thanks to Timmy Johnson for inviting Roman and me, Adam Griffith, Jeb Hall, Trip Kinney, Gordon Vernon for help on the rivers, and especially Bob Johnson (Timmy’s dad) for opening his house to us for the trip!

Roman’s videos: eenie, meenie, miney, moe.
Timmy’s video

Roman Dial at Bald River Falls, Tennessee
Roman Dial at Bald River Falls, Tennessee
Roman Dial at Bald River Falls, Tennessee
Adam Griffith, Chatooga River
Chattoga River, South Carolina/Georgia border
Adam Griffith, Chatooga River
Kate Daniel, Chatooga River
Jeb Hall, Green River, NC
Jeb Hall, Green River, NC
Timmy Johnson, Green River, NC
Roman Dial, Green River, NC


  1. Fascinating pictures! I would love to visit one of those spots, I have never tried rafting or white water kayaking, but it really sounds like an activity I would totally enjoy. The only question is who will keep an eye on our horse farm near Atlanta while I am traveling? Well…I need to think about that, but thanks for sharing!

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