Over the past 10 years I’ve honed in on the planning resources that enable me to safely complete creative and ambitious trips. I enjoy the opportunity to share this planning process with rescue professionals, guides, and fellow adventurers. Feel free to reach out for upcoming public workshops, or to schedule a group training. I’ll customizing content for different groups.

Archived Workshops

Former participants: follow the appropriate link below for a quick entry point to the tools we reviewed.

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This content was created for workshops as a fundraiser for the Stickers for Conservation campaign. Thanks to my many mentors and partners for their contributions, especially Eben Sargent, Josh Mumm, John Sykes, John Pekar, Graham Kraft, Roman Dial, Dave Cramer, the Wilderness Classic crew, Joe Stock, Bryn Clark, Louis Sass, Todd Tumolo, Tim Johnson, Paul Schauer, Trip Kinney, and the PJs that helped with the rescue prep section.

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