Stickers for Conservation


Stickers for Conservation is an effort to get people proactive about conserving and preserving wild places.

Running total:

Get Proactive

I’ll send a sticker for each “claim” of your activity.

  • Donate any amount to any conservation group. I’ve got a summary of conservation groups (National and Alaska). Enter your donation here (can be anonymous) to add it to the running total (updated every 5 minutes).
  • Call your representatives. Phone calls are more effective than emails or form letters.
  • Write a letter
  • Share this campaign, convince friends to get proactive. Facebook: @StickersForConservation; Instagram #StickersForConservation; offline shares are even better.
  • Other: If you think you deserve a sticker, you probably do. Make a claim.

Claim a Sticker

Make a sticker claim. I will remove claims when I fulfill them, follow the Update Profile link at the bottom of your confirmation email to make new claims.

The Artists

deland_link valisa_link
aurora_link annie_link greta_link


Katie Schuler
Jim Harris
Tony Perelli


Do you or your company want to sponsor the printing costs of an artist’s stickers? I’ll include sponsor material when I mail the stickers. For example, Great Land Trust sponsored Annie Brace’s sticker, so I sent a GLT sticker and flier when I mailed Annie’s stickers. Please contact me me if you are interested in sponsoring an artist!

The Awesome Foundation: Alaska
Great Land Trust: Annie Brace
Axiom Data Science: Valisa Higman
Rising Tide Communications: Deland Anderson
Fairweather Ski Works: Klara Maisch Leighan Falley
Alpacka Raft: Katie Schuler
American Packrafting Association: ?
Your name here!

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