Stickers for Conservation


Stickers for Conservation is an effort to get people proactive about conserving and preserving wild places.

Running total:

Get Proactive

I’ll send a sticker for each “claim” of your activity.

  • Donate any amount to any conservation group. I’ve got a summary of conservation groups (National and Alaska). Enter your donation here (can be anonymous) to add it to the running total (updated every 5 minutes).
  • Call your representatives. Phone calls are more effective than emails or form letters.
  • Write a letter
  • Share this campaign, convince friends to get proactive. Facebook: @StickersForConservation; Instagram #StickersForConservation; offline shares are even better.
  • Other: If you think you deserve a sticker, you probably do. Make a claim.

Claim a Sticker

Make a sticker claim. I will remove claims when I fulfill them, follow the Update Profile link at the bottom of your confirmation email to make new claims.

The Artists

deland_link valisa_link
aurora_link annie_link greta_link


Deland Anderson
Katie Schuler
Klara Maisch
Jim Harris
Tony Perelli
Leighan Falley


Do you or your company want to sponsor the printing costs of an artist’s stickers? I’ll include sponsor material when I mail the stickers. For example, Great Land Trust sponsored Annie Brace’s sticker, so I sent a GLT sticker and flier when I mailed Annie’s stickers. Please contact me me if you are interested in sponsoring an artist!

The Awesome Foundation: Alaska
Great Land Trust: Annie Brace
Axiom Data Science: Valisa Higman
Rising Tide Communications: Deland Anderson
Fairweather Ski Works: Klara Maisch Leighan Falley
Alpacka Raft: Katie Schuler
American Packrafting Association: ?
Your name here!

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