Alaska Mountain Wilderness Classics

The Alaska Mountain Wilderness Classic started in 1982, with a winter variation added in 1987. The location (start and end point) changes every three years. Participants are responsible for self-support and self-rescue. The event is minimally organized, and typically draws 10-20 participants.

I’ve set the dates of Sat. Aug. 22nd through Sun. Aug [sic] 30th for this years, what shall I call it, race? … I have no idea how the performance and strategies might vary.

George Ripley, Homer, 1982, see the full text at the bottom of this page

Summer Routes

2020: Talkeetna Mountains
2016: Brooks Range
2015: Peters Hills to Nancy Lakes
2014: Thompson Pass to McCarthy
2013: Thompson Pass to McCarthy
2012: Thompson Pass to McCarthy
2011: Black Rapids to McK Village
2010: Bike/Ski/Raft (attempt)
2009: Donnelly to McK Village

Winter Routes

2018: Atigun Gorge to Arctic Village
2015: Wrangell Mountains
2013: Wrangell Mountains
2012: Brooks Range
2011: Brooks Range
2010: Brooks Range