Class IV Packrafting Guide

Pimp my Packraft Tutorial

Southcentral Ak Packrafting Guide

Packrafting Equipment Guide

Ski Touring Equipment Guide

Backountry Ski-Tour Repair Kit

Backcountry Food Guide

Fast & Light Winter Travel

Data-Driven Trip Planning

Route Planning: Google Earth to GPS


Nordic Skate Equipment Guide


Dave Chenault: Bedrock & Paradox

Pat and Caroline

Kellie Okonek

Ed Plumb: The Edventures

Joe Stock: Stock Alpine

Roman Dial: The Roaming Dials

Eric Parsons

Toby Schwoerer

Steve and Abby Rideout

Paul Schauer

Timmy Johnson

Hig and Erin: Ground Truth Trekking

Matt Johnson

Billy Finley:


Fairweather Ski Works

Alpacka Rafts

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