Alsek Range Traverse

Bryn Clark was the mastermind for this tour from Haines to Glacier Bay. The tour connected the dots between Bryn’s new cabin north of Haines and her old home in Gustavus. Louis Sass, Gretchen Roffler, and Ben Williams were, as usual, awesome partners for the week. Wayne Clark, Bryn’s dad, gave us a ride from the toe of Muir Glacier to Gustavus in his C-dory. Eileen Clark and Chad Soiseth found us sleeping space and food! The only strange part of the trip was that Bryn and Gretchen had trouble hitching a ride from the Haines Airport to the Canadian border, where we accessed Jarvis River and Glacier. Helllllooo? Who doesn’t stop to pick up ski babes?


  1. You’ve had some great videos in the past but the quality on this one was over the top. Thanks for taking the time to shoot, edit, compile, and share it.

    Tech: 7d body right? Would love to know which lens(es)?

    And, when shooting vid, are you shooting full manual to control the DoF, or is that just a happy coincidence? Whatever you’re doing, it’s working!



    1. Hey Mike- Thanks for the compliments! That is big coming from you. I was sure jealous of your Lost Coast trip! Can’t fit them all in… was it you that ruined a 7D body on that trip?

      Shoot man, I am only 9 months into this 7D world and am not in any position to give advice (you could shoot my brother an email), but here is what I’m using:

      I’ve shot everything with the Canon 24-105 f4 lens except for some indoor stuff with the stock 50 (at the end of this year’s Winter Classic vid). My bro told me to get a lens with fixed ap so that you don’t have to adjust settings when zooming in or out. I usually get the shot set up while in camera mode, often fully automatic if we are on the go and I don’t have time, otherwise usually Av (I only go to manual if it is dark or contrasty), then I pop over to video mode. I finally broke down and got the 3x eyepiece loupe for the LCD screen– makes a huge difference for stability and focus. It is often in the way.

      I’d love a lens with f1-2 for even sharper DoF and would like to see what the 10-20mm range looks like, but crap those lenses are so expensive!

      I am really happy with the Ortlieb Aquazoom chest harness.

      Any other questions?

  2. Great info Luc, thanks for sharing.

    Yep, killed a 7d near La Perouse Glacier. Sent it back for repair, still haven’t seen it back yet.

    I used the 24-105/f4 on a trip last fall and it seemed to not be calibrated well to my 7d, so I sent it back. Seeing your results here tells me I might need to revisit that.

    I shoot with a 7d and a Sigma 8-16mm lens most often, and it’s a killer perspective most of the time. I don’t know how to do a trip without the super wide 8, but it’s just not versatile enough, which means I need to bring a second lens. And most of the guys I travel with don’t want to wait while I set up shots, much less swap lenses.

    I’ve been happy with the Ortlieb Aquazoom also, though I’ve yet to wear it on my chest.

    Keep up the great work, and thanks again for the beta.


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