CRKT Bear Claw ER knife


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Check out the full post about this knife, which includes photos of mounting options.

This knife does not use the standard PFD docking plate, which is why I like it. Docking plates are generally in a position that interferes with our self-rescue attempts (wet re-entry). Make sure the knife can be mounted on your vest in a position where it can’t slide up or down. Daisy-chain webbing on the shoulder strap is ideal. See photos.

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In my opinion, the CRKT Bear Claw is the best river knive. It is the knife I see most commonly used by river professionals.

River knives are carried to cut free of entanglement hazards: rope, cord, or straps. Anyone working with rope or paddling turbulent water should carry a knife.

Unfortunately, PFD knife attachment plates are inconvenient for packrafters … the knives commonly snag during wet re-entry (self-rescue). I’ve witnessed this countless times. Sometimes the knife comes loose and is lost (or found later inside the cockpit!). Other times the knife prevents the re-entry attempt.

My preferred solution is to mount the CRKT Bear Claw on my PFD shoulder lapel where it is less likely to snag. The Bear Claw is very effective at cutting cord and webbing. I like the asymmetrical shape and finger hole that ensure a solid grip. The upper left vest lapel is a good option for right-handers—mount the cutting edge facing away from your body.

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