Upstream Paddling video is ready!

My season-finale packraft video is finished!

It was a really fun project, mostly because anything with 70 helium balloons is fun.
Paul Schauer was so awesome… well, you’ll see. My brother and Joe Stock helped as well.

The Bike/Ski/Raft Denali Video got into Winter Wildland Alliance’s Backcountry Film Festival!!!
Check the tour schedule to see if you can catch one of the shows (70 cities).

Way more people see my videos because of Roman’s (and now Dave’s) blogs, so it know it doesn’t help much to share their work… but Roman’s Willow Creek video is my favorite ‘old-school’ (down-stream) packraft video of the season. Check it out if you haven’t already.

New Material, Fall 2011

Hey Guys-

I was waiting until enough new material accumulated before sending out a notice that says there is new material. So now I think I have enough…

I wrote an essay for Beni Moryson’s ultralighter blog in Germany. The essay is about considering adventure as art, based on some conversations with my mom this summer. The essay.

Some photos and video of the Lakina hike/packraft/bike loop in the Wrangell Mountains this fall. With Paige Brady.

Some photos of the fall colors and canyon packrafting in Metal Creek, Knik Glacier. With Brad Meiklejohn.

I hope you are all having an amazing fall!


Kama Sutra Packrafting

Two new pages… and probably the last update until 2012!

A ‘tongue-in-cheek’ guide to partnered packrafting. Thanks to Roman for the photos:

And some so-so photos and short vid from eastern Greenland, 2005/6. It could sure be a more exciting story… who wants to go?

Alaska Peninsula Traverse via Aniakchak Crater

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