Braver, Bigger

I caught Erica Madison in preparation for her 5-month, 2000-km, ski traverse from Vancouver, BC to Skagway, AK. All the mountain scenes are from the Denali Traverse.

This was my product from Carl Crum’s 5-day Documentary Workshop, DocShops. I learned more during the workshop than I had in the previous two years of hacking on my own. Thanks to Erica, Sarah Heck, the APU gym, Baraba’s Ballet Studio, Carl Crum, Slavik Boyechko, and Travis Gilmore.

My favorite parts of this process:
1) I had the exposure set for the weight room, but when Erica and Sarah’s shoulders came into the viewfinder they were completely overexposed! Classic Alaska.

2) When Erica says, “…guys are stronger, faster…” I had a scene of Erica with Josh Mumm, Brad Marden, and Eben Sargent from the Denali trip. Slavik looked at it and said, “Look at this scene. Everyone is just lying around. These are supposed to be the tough guys?” It was true. Eben looks asleep, the other guys are 10 lbs underweight and sluggish.

3) I have a clip of Josh Mumm slogging through snowfall. I was certain that it was playing in slowmotion, but when I went to return it to full speed I realized it already was full speed.


    1. No, I think there are 2 others along for the entire 2000 km and then several other friends will join for different segments.

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