2016 Alaska Mountain Wilderness Classic Info

The 2016 Alaska Mountain Wilderness Classic will be June 19 to June 25.

After a twenty-year hiatus, the Wilderness Classic is returning to the Brooks Range. The Brooks Range is a difficult destination due to remote logistics and limited infrastructure. Our permit application to travel through the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve (east side of the haul road) was rejected, so we are opting for a course on the west side of the road. The 2016 course will start at Galbraith Lake and finish at Wiseman.

The most important skill to bring to the Classic is the ability to recognize when to turn around and/or coordinate a self-rescue. The Classic is an incredible opportunity to push yourself and test your skill set, but for the Classic to continue, everyone needs to avoid and manage rescue scenarios. This is really hard for people that aren’t familiar with Alaska’s wilderness and logistics. This year’s route stays pretty close to the highway corridor, but there is no convenient air support to get you out of the mountains.

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